What We Do


Coming Into Your Own



This is a personal leadership development program for women who are interested in engaging in a process of reflection, exploration and regeneration. It is particularly, though not exclusively, designed for women in transition, assisting them in coming to understand the relationship between their inner dynamics and outer life/work challenges.  Click here for complete CIYO information



Young Women's Mentoring Program

This program provides mentorship and support for young women leaders who are exploring next steps in their lives and careers. It has been designed to help participants articulate their aspirations, serve and lead in the world, access their calling and create their lives with increasing intentionality and power.


The Symbols Way


The Symbols Way is a kit with instructions and support material to help people refocus their purpose and direction, ground insight around next steps, right timing, and movement within a larger context.

A new Version of The Symbols Way kit is available to individuals, consultants, and leadership teams. The cost is $35, plus shipping. Email us for bulk rates .  If you want to use it in a group setting for which you are paid, please contact us about a leasing agreement.

Visit The Symbols Way Website for more information.



All of us at The Ashland Institute are life coaches and mentors. Our menu of offerings includes executive coaching, personal coaching, individual retreats for more intensive reflection, and support for young men and women. See coaching for more information.